About Particular Fare

We’ll be the first to admit that convenience matters when schedules are overwhelmingly busy; however, it often comes at a high cost. In our case, our careers and family obligations left us constantly fighting fatigue, sleeplessness, irritability, and a host of other health problems. It didn’t take much digging to uncover a strong and direct connection between our diet and overall well-being.

Deciding to live more intentionally, we examined the ingredients we consumed, the sources of those ingredients, and the methods used for preparation and cooking. Our findings turned into a set of particular standards that govern the food choices we make for our family today.

For us, there is no restaurant or takeout option we can confidently eat on a regular basis without sacrificing our health. However, cooking 3 meals per day x 7 days a week is quite the challenge. Realizing so many other families like ours have the same problem, we started Particular Fare.

We have a mission of making high-quality, nutrient-dense foods as convenient as possible. 

To achieve this, we’re committed to doing our part in helping rethink our food system. We’re supporting the organic and regenerative agriculture movement and partnering with farmers and ranchers committed to sustainability and responsibly raising animals. As we grow, we’ll work on bringing food even closer to home by emphasizing seasonally, locally-grown produce and locally-raised meats. 

We’re dedicated to getting there and if you’re as curious, passionate, health-conscious, or particular as we are, we invite you to come along. 

– Jen and Ryan

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